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2000 year old fables 2
24 year old could face 11 years in jail 2
24 year old punches 78 year old man 2
40 minute pat down 2
A new era of positive living in the life of Mike McGinty 2
Acting out the pat down some more 2
Advertisers look for 18 - 49 ratings 2
Andrew Edgecomb 2
Animals in the street attacking people 2
Are you a penis girl or a testicle girl? 2
Bank robber dressed as Rick James 2
Bare breasted march in several cities throughout the world 2
Beer 2
Bill Burr said nothing wrong 2
Bill Burr's Caitlin Jenner commentary 2
Bill burr bit. 2
Bunsen Honey dew is gay 2
Casey Anthony 2
Chris Christie's political style 2
Creepy guys doing creepy shit 2
DJ suing Taylor Swift 2
Dancing to the Muppets theme like I did when I was 4 2
Defining transgender people 2
Discussing Bill Burr on Conan 2
Do your research 2
Donald Trump 2
Explaining homosexuality to my son 2
Explaining the ratings 2
Fat pot Chris Christie calls someone fat 2
Fatso's got himself a new chair 2
Female teacher holds 12 year old boy captive 2
Fight over Nutella samples at a supermarket 2
First chair was puked on and then my fat ass broke the second chair 2
Foot fetishes 2
Fraternity holds up signs deemed offensive 2
Fu fighters rick roll the Westboro baptist church 2
Fuck fall 2
Getting a new chair 2
Go get your balls 2
Gonzo is using that nose of his 2
Gotham 2
Gotham had light ratings 2
Greedy Gus 2
Grifters in times square 2
Has this been good so far? 2
Head transplant 2
Hilly 2
How to handle this situation 2
Huffington posts article annoys me 2
Human beings are fucked up 2
I bet that's already been animated 2
I bet this is coming from a religious place 2
I broke the chair in half 2
I don't care about feet 2
I don't comprehend this story well 2
I don't have the answer 2
I don't like Nutella 2
I don't like the word inappropriate 2
I don't like those terms 2
I don't understand people that get offended by words 2
I find Ronda Rousey attractive 2
I guess I could do it 2
I hope Ronda takes him up on this challenge and kicks his ass 2
I just broke the chair 2
I like Common people by William Shatner so I'm playing it again 2
I may have misspoken 2
I need to go on a diet 2
I sound and act like Pee wee Herman sometimes 2
I support the transgender folks 2
I think I may need to have Johnny back on the show 2
I think she is a good role model for women 2
I usually don't like tough girls 2
I was not alive in the seventies 2
I whip my hair back and forth 2
I woke up my wife 2
I wonder if it's genetic 2
I working this out while I do the show 2
I'm I old enough to have seen the old muppet show when I was a child? 2
I'm a Rand Paul guy 2
I'm a big pussy 2
I'm a fan of my penis 2
I'm a little bit of a weirdo 2
I'm flexible 2
I'm frustrated 2
I'm going to start calling my penis my anomaly 2
I'm into sexually transmitted diseases? 2
I'm jittery today 2
I'm just going to make noises again 2
I'm quietly screaming 2
I'm rain dancing to common people 2
I'm so fat 2
I'm so fucking stupid that I didn't delete that story 2
If it slows down the audio fuck off 2
Irish stereotype on penis size 2
Is there such a thing as a testicle fetish? 2 2
It did and now I sound like I have gigantism 2
It shouldn't matter how men react to the women 2
It's all about accessibility 2
It's over for you 2
Jenner gal stalks girl over Jaden Smith 2
Judgment free zone 2
Keep listening to the clip while I text 2
Kids in a cave mom in jail 2
Learn how to parent 2
Leave people alone and let them be happy 2
Leave the women alone you animals 2
Legless ladies 2
Legless model 2
Let the free market decide 2
Lets insult the ad 2
Looking for an outro song 2
Man licks the head of 9 year old 2
Maybe I should just play old clips 2
Maybe I'll do a segment on goat sex next show 2
Maybe my cat will steal some weed 2
Michael Linstroth 2
More Ashley Madison stories 2
Mouth full 2
Muppet gangbang 2
Muppet show bukkake gangbang on ABC 2
My solution to the TSA problem 2
My stepson and his girlfriend make an appearance and discuss a few stories 2
NCIS New Orleans 2
Naked Star Trek actress that got naked in front of children 2
Narrating my wife's trip to the bathroom 2
New era of positivity in the life of Mike McGinty 2
No subject is off limits on the Muppet show 2
Nostalgia 2
Not everyone should have a podcast 2
Not into the bestiality thing 2
Nutella fight 2
Obama 2
One million mom group wants the Muppets off the air 2
Pataki boobs 2
Pataki is a republican 2
Pervy Muppets 2
Playing robot sex clip from last show 2
Politicians trying to shutdown female toplessness in NYC 2
Puppet sex 2
Raelian religion 2
Rapiness to that guy 2
Really old tattoo examples 2
Religious based nonsense 2
Religious fucks exposed as such 2
Revenge porn website owner gets reduced sentence 2
Russian briefly insults me 2
Russian insults fat Mike McGinty 2
S.A.D. 2
Saying AIDS alot 2
Saying it's all good like it's 1997 2
Scott Bakula and quantum leap 2
Scream queens and american horror story 2
Sex and drugs and rock and roll renewed 2
She may be submissive sexually 2
Singing the Muppet babies theme 2
So ends our journey today 2
Someone close to me dealt with victim blaming after a mugging 2
Stay tuned for the naked show 2
Stephen Lynch 2
Stop blaming people for being in the wrong place 2
Stop trying to take choices away from people 2
Study says that more than 1 in 4 women sexually assaulted on college campuses 2
TV Vs. movies 2
Take it down a notch fella 2
Talking about the sexual assault on college campuses story 2
Talking to the cat 2
Talking to the cat in the background 2
Talking to the clip about gangbanging Rosie from the Jetson's 2
Tank 2
Tank Abbot shit talking Ronda Rousey and challenging her to a fight 2